Kadermin crema

code 975358096
active ingredient Complesso Biossido di Silicio funzionalizzato con ioni Argento e Clorexidina
packaging tubo da 15 ml
pharmaceutical form crema
ssn class Dispositivo medico
company Pavia Farmaceutici srl
documents foglio illustrativo kadermin crema
information leaflet kadermin cream

The Medical Device Kadermin Cream is recommended for the treatment of minor wounds, cuts, minor burns and abrasions (ex. scratches). KAdermin Cream creates an effective protective barrier as adjuvant for the natural tissue regeneration process by:
- helping to restore the normal physiological conditions useful to spontaneous skin regeneration;
- creating an environment protected from microbial attacks.

Studi clinici


SCX cream in sloughy infectious pressure ulcers