Kadermin mousse

code 925518084
active ingredient complesso di ossido di silicio funzionalizzato con ioni argento e clorexidina
packaging flacone 125 ml
pharmaceutical form mousse spray
ssn class Dispositivo medico
company Pavia Farmaceutici srl
documents foglio illustrativo kadermin mousse

The Kadermin mousse spray medical device is a mousse-based cream that creates an unconventional protective barrier for skin lesions, helping to treat small wounds, decubitus injuries, irritations and reddening from old-fashioned diapers. DM aims to isolate and protect the skin from external irritants and to restore the physiological balance of skin.
The SCX-powder complex consists of silicon dioxide functionalized with silver ions and chlorhexidine; thanks to its antimicrobial properties it provides a barrier resistant to attacks by external microbial agents.

Studi clinici


A technological silver mousse in the treatment of perilesional skin